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Finding the Perfect Mattress

Two of the most important factors to consider when choosing a mattress are comfort and support. Although every choice is based on personal preference, we have detailed some helpful advice to take on board when purchasing a new mattress.

Measuring up

The size will depend on the amount of space you prefer and the sleeping habits of yourself and a sleeping partner. Always remember that changing the size of your bed may impact on current bed linen…a factor many of us forget. Most bed manufacturer’s produce beds in a single, double, king and super king size. Although this may seem obvious, always ensure you know where to purchase linen to fit a new bed before purchasing.

Always check how much space you have for your bed before you start shopping – and don’t forget to allow space for bedside tables and for wardrobe doors or drawers alongside to open easily. The table below shows the Sleepeezee bed sizes.

Bed Type Imperial Metric
Single 3’0” (W) X 6’3” (L) 91cm (W) X 190CM (L)
Small Double 4’0” (W) X 6’3” (L) 121cm (W) X 190CM (L)
Standard Double 4’6” (W) X 6’3” (L) 137cm (W) X 190CM (L)
Kingsize 5’0” (W) X 6’6” (L) 152cm (W) X 198CM (L)
Super Kingsize 6’0” (W) X 6’6” (L) 183cm (W) X 198CM (L)

When making the decision on size, also consider / ensure that the bed will go into the room by checking that all widths and depths are less than the entry dimensions.

Make sure you measure the width and height of all doorways, hallways and stairways, including banisters and turns. Don’t forget to consider obstacles such as radiators, wall and ceiling lights.

Comfort level

Some mattresses are marked with a comfort rating to determine if they are soft, medium or firm. Comfort is a personal preference, so take your time when deciding. Not all firm mattresses are necessarily good for you but at the same time although a soft mattress may feel snug, it may not offer sufficient support. Take the time to find out more information and consider your own bed and sleeping habits.

Sleeping temperature

Consider if you prefer to feel cool or warm during the night when choosing your mattress. Some mattress fillings regulate body temperature to ensure you are neither too hot nor cold. However there are some fillings that do not adapt to body temperatures so you may feel warmer during your sleep.

Spring count

If you are looking to purchase a mattress made with springs then the spring count will reveal more about the composition of the mattress. A higher spring count is perceived to offer greater support, however this is dependent on the other supporting fillings, so be careful to look at all the elements of the mattress and not just the spring count. There are also various types of springs which each come with their own unique benefits.

Price range

As with the purchase of anything it is important to determine your budget before looking around. However, as a nation we spend a third of our lives in bed, so it is important to ensure you invest in a suitable mattress which provides the right support and comfort for you.

Base options

The type of base is crucial in ensuring your mattress has the right level of support for you. If you are purchasing a mattress without a base then ensure your current base is the right size and provides sufficient support for the weight of your new mattress.

Double sided / non turn

There are benefits for both options. Modern non turn mattresses will need to be rotated as per your care leaflet and are designed specifically so that they do not need to be turned over. However a traditional double sided mattress has been designed this way to help ensure you get the most from your mattress.


When looking for a new mattress you will discover the countless variations of fillings available. Each filling will specify a unique benefit for you and your sleep. It is important to read which fillings are included as many affect the comfort level and durability of the mattress and some may be fillings that you are particularly sensitive to.

Place of purchase

The purchase of a mattress can be made within independent retailers, multiple retailers or the internet. All options have their benefits and the choice will depend on your availability, location and accessibility to each one. However, it is important to always review the warranty options with each purchase.

Regardless of all of the advice, it is essential that you carefully read as much information as possible about your mattress to ensure it is the right choice for you.